chapter  2
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Lebanon from Mandatory Rule to the Independence Era: The Druze in the Center of the Storm

For the most part, the Druze community was not negatively affected by Israeli military operations, since the Palestinian Resistance was not allowed to site bases in the Druze villages in al-Shuf. For the Lebanese Druze, Kamal Junblat's assassination represented the death of the dream of a secular and equal Lebanon. Kamal Junblat's assassination by Syrian agents in March 1977 and the subsequent collapse of the anti-establishment front triggered a drastic change in the Druze' political behavior. The Doha agreement of May 2008 spurred Walid Junblat to release himself from his burdensome alliance with the anti-Syrian March 14 movement and to establish a new modus vivendi with Hizballah. The evolution of the Shiite-Druze interaction from alliance to confrontation also reveals that no coherent national identity or deep loyalty to the state developed in Lebanon and that the Lebanese state remains locked in a deep political crisis.