chapter  11
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LEGO: The Imperfect Art Tool

ByNathan Sawaya

When I turned ten years old, I decided it was time that I got a dog. I asked my parents if I could get a dog. They said something to the effect of “you are not getting a dog”. So what did I do? I gathered up my LEGO bricks and built myself my very own life-size LEGO dog. It was a bit rectangular, very boxy. So I called it a Boxer. And that was the fi rst moment I realized that LEGO is more than the toy in the toy store. It is not just what is featured on the front of the retail box-it can be anything. Anything I could imagine. If I wanted to be a magician, I’d build myself a top hat. If I wanted to be a rock star, I’d build myself a guitar. There were no limits.