chapter  6
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Worldwide Water Demand–Supply Imbalances: Rising Threats, Diminishing Prospects for Solutions

WithGeorge J. Stolnitz

The importance of attempting timely worldwide and regional projections of freshwater use and supply imbalances derives from their associated urgent welfare issues and the major development policy implications at stake. A universal and non-substitutable prerequisite for human survival, freshwater continues to remain an unmatched main cause of death and a predominant cause of morbidity levels. A major part of the accessible supply increases most immediately needed would be to supply safe drinking water and adequate sanitation for the world’s two billion population aggregate deprived of such necessities. Interpretation of water management policy and program needs associated with these interrelations could be greatly clarified if they could be complemented by corresponding national assessments of the freshwater amounts estimated to be maximally available in accessible water-use locations.