chapter  9
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The Marguerite Durand Library

WithSimone Blanc

The Marguerite Duras library? No, the Durand library, as we often have to tell people. Who was Marguerite Durand? She was born in 1864, became a student at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique at age 17, and was a brilliant member of the Comédie française from 1882 to 1888. She married Georges Laguerre, a lawyer and legislator, and was the muse of the “boulangist” movement. She worked first for the newspaper La Presse, then for Le Figaro. In 1896 Le Figaro asked her to write a humorous piece on the International Feminist Congress, but she was so captivated by the women she heard and was so taken by the justice of their demands that she decided to found a newspaper which would serve as their mouthpiece.