chapter  20
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Regionalism and Official Publishing in European Countries: A Comparative Analysis

WithEmilia Lamaro

Regionalism is used as a common denominator to understand diverse and overlapping concepts as territoriality, ethnicity, and socioeconomic disparity. The authenticity of regionalism does not lie in its claims to historical identity, but rather in the creation of new identities challenging the centralized system of governance and administration. In all Western European countries, local government has undergone many years of adjustment, and so in all countries administration has been moulded by history and tradition. Local self-government means decisions and administration within the limits set by state law in regard to the common public interest, and it is characterized by the power of the municipality. The form of government is a constitutional and parliamentary monarchy on the model of Great Britain and of the French Orleanist system. A set of reforms instituted between 1981 and 1983 gave more power to the local government authorities and changed the relationship between them and the state’s field services.