chapter  34
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Organizational and Financial Considerations for Supporting Computerized Research Materials

WithLeslie P. Hume

The Research Libraries Group (RLG) is a not-for-profit consortium owned and operated by 36 of the major universities and research institutions in the United States. Since its founding in 1974, RLG has focused on libraries, and the provision of products and services that have traditionally characterized library activity. To support the processing and reference needs of libraries, it has developed the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN), a computerized bibliographic processing system that links RLG’s member libraries and serves as its on-line union catalog; the RLIN database now includes over 27 million bibliographic records, and offers sophisticated on-line searching capabilities enabling researchers to locate information applicable to a particular research problem; some 800 libraries and repositories in the United States routinely use RLIN for cataloging or reference purposes.