chapter  37
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Three Electronic Networks: Their Potential International Roles for Library Communication

WithRay Jones, Colleen Seale

An initial experience in international electronic communication at the University of Florida Libraries involved obtaining information about numeric/statistical data sets available in Germany at the Zentralarchiv fur Empirische Sozialforschung. ALANET has over 3,000 library members as well as other member groups including publishers, book dealers, library supply vendors, and bibliographic support networks such as AMIGOS and CLASS. Services offered by ALANET include an electronic mail system, ALA News Bulletins, ALANET bulletin board, ALA bookorders, and a Library Supplier Service Center. The file transfer of the larger statistical file was attempted on ALANET. First the file was transferred from the BITNET minidisk to the YT subdirectory. PoliNet for the social sciences and HumaNet for the humanities are divisions of ScholarNet, a customized network owned by North Carolina State University. BITNET is accessed through a local node which is usually an institution’s mainframe or minicomputer.