chapter  38
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International Online Information Systems: Role and Action of the European Communities and the National Referral Centers

WithMaria Pia Carosella, Augusta Maria Paci

The successful assessment of the international online information systems (databases and services) has deeply innovated the traditional documentary research in scientific/technical fields as well as in the business/financial area. In the mid-1970s, the Western European countries became to be conscious of the strong importance assumed by “information” in modern societies and the cultural and technical challenge for the European identity. The European Communities started to support a series of plans of action devoted to the creation and promotion of an European electronic information market. To support promotional activities in each country, the EC Commission proposed to the competent national Ministries to establish national Referral Centers. The activity of the nonprofit Italian national referral center, known as CRID, located within the Institute of Studies on Research and Scientific Documentation, is described.