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Already. many positions such as clinical coordinators. directors of hospital pharmacies. clinical trial monitoring. etc .• require a Pharm.D. degree. While one does not hear of any flagrant or overt discrimination against the hiring and promotion of African-American pharmacists. the lack of a Pharm.D. could. in fact. be used as a potential "legitimate" excuse not to hire African-American pharmacists for certain key administrative. "clinical" or other nontraditional phannacist practitioner roles. H one is not careful. African-American phannacists could conceivably find themselves as a "double minority"-vis l vis with a B.S. pharmacy degree and African-American. Think ahead to the year 2030 or so and a significant number of African-American pharmacists could be relegated to the lower level B.S. dispensing pharmacy jobs while many other higher level and diverse practice settings and career opportunities could p0tentially be denied to them because of the lack of a Pharm.D. degree.