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Advantages of a Minority Attending Historically Black Colleges Universities

Secondly, the Black student has to prove to herself that she can utilize her knowledge and talents to achieve the "American Dream." A disproportionate number of minority students do not possess the financial and social advantages of nonminority students. Thus, many Black students are not able to experience a variety of cultural and social enlightenings of their non-Black schoolmates. The ability to go to dramatic plays, operas, ballet, symphony concerts, museums, galleries, school debates and scholastic competitions is not possessed by all Black students. Additionally, for those Black students who may be financially or academically able to afford participation in these activities, the time factor is important. Managing time between school and working to cover expenses is difficult and leaves little chance for cultural outings. Yet, Black-student graduates want to be able to afford and enjoy the finer things in life, rather than just get by.