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The Power Dynamics of Cheating: Effects on Polyamory and Bisexuality

My purpose in this article is to unearth the relationship between cheating and power. In the first section, I describe the cultural treatment of cheating in the United States. The following section argues that the construction of cheating forms part of a monogamous system of enforcement. Following that, I lay out the power dynamics of cheating on a personal level, establishing the cheating dynamic as a tool of interpersonal power. The “Cheating and Polyamory” section delineates the ways that the cheating construction and the cheating dynamic are used to hamper polyamory. The “Cheating and Bisexuality” section does the same for bisexuality, drawing connections from the cheating construction to the invisibility of bisexuality. The final section notes that bisexuality and polyamory share a common opposition in the cheating dynamic, and concludes that joining conceptual forces is critical for the political success of both communities.