chapter  5
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Men's Work Schedules and Family Life

ByGraham L. Staines

Among all the ways that men's work and family life affect each other, the impact of men's work schedules on their family l ife has emerged as a topic of special concern. Much of the research on the relationship between men's work schedules and family life proceeds from the assumption that men's nonstandard work schedules are associated with reductions in the quality of their family l ife . Put another way , this assumption holds that the best work schedule from the standpoint of men's family l ife is a standard one involving regular weekday work ( i . e . , Monday to Friday) and regular (and nonexcessive) day hours. The review of empirical evidence that fol lows may be viewed as a systematic evaluation of this assumption about men, pointing out its considerable validity but also noting some important exceptions and certain limitations to its scope.