chapter  14
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The Honey Moon—Some Options

The Honey Moon , defined as the wedding night and approxi­ mately the first month after the marriage ceremony. has historically been recognized as a time of wonder and astonishment for the partners in connubial bliss. In the Orient, the bride groom would, during the course of the 28-day lunar month honey moon, have sexual relations with the bride during her menstrual period. This would be the man's first contact with "moon honey, " the menstrual blood regarded as the source of life, an elixir. In Greece, the Goddess Hymen (veil) and the Hymenoptera (the veiled-winged bee) were sources of honey, a food stuff and burial preservative as well as symbol of regeneration of female potency. Hymen was called forth with the invocation of "0 Hymen Hymenaie," to preside over the honey moon, the ritual penetration of the veil (Walker, pages 407-408).