chapter  1
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Addressing the complexity of integrated resource assessment


This chapter presents a set of protocols for the use of GIS as part of MuSIASEM. One focus of the use of GIS is the quantitative analysis based in MuSIASEM's multi-level tables; GIS can provide input to these tables. GIS can also provide other data and insights that complement MuSIASEM, not least communication via maps, and development of alternative land uses for exploration in MuSIASEM used as a simulator. The protocols presented are intended to provide understanding and a guide to using GIS for: estimating inputs to MuSIASEM's multi-level tables; exploring multi-level, multi-dimensional effects and the roles of land uses and environment in different places to the metabolic performance of society; using geographic data and models to support MuSIASEM's simulation mode for analysis of alternative land use patterns; and imagining roles for map representations of data, results and other aspects of MuSIASEM.