chapter  6
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Accounting for human activity and socio-economic characteristics


This chapter shows how human activity and socio-economic characteristics can be integrated in the MuSIASEM accounting to assess the feasibility and viability of a given socio-ecological system. It presents a comprehensive grammar for human activity to represent and quantify the allocation of this fund element within human societies and couples it with the most widely used variables in economics, the gross domestic product, a measure of production, and its components, such as gross value added, a measure of production of individual economic sectors, and import-export values, a measure of the openness of the economic system. In MuSIASEM, monetary flows are output flows resulting from the combination of funds (labour, land, power capacity) and input flows (energy, water and other natural resources). The inclusion of this variable in the biophysical accounting scheme of MuSIASEM is essential to establish a link with other accounting methods.