chapter  9
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Youth gangs

ByTara Young

On the day of his death Negus was set upon by a ‘hunting posse’ of ‘Get Money Gang’ members who had ridden into N9 (Edmonton) from EN3 (Enfield) looking to avenge a previous attack. They happened upon Negus, aka ‘Young Chops’ and a reported member of ‘Dem Africans’ and his brother as they went to purchase a chicken and chips supper from the local shop (Fagge et al. 2011). The gang allegedly ran down and brutally attacked Negus with an assortment of weaponry including knives and a metal pole. Onlookers, including his brother, watched helplessly as the group of teenagers mercilessly set upon him. Negus was left dying in a pool of blood as the group took off on their mountain bikes (Dodd 2013; Fagge et al. 2011).