chapter  1
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The History of Marriage and Family Therapy

WithChristi R. McGeorge, Thomas Stone Carlson, Joseph L. Wetchler

Welcome to An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy. This book serves as an introduction to and overview of the fastest-growing arm of the mental health fi eld: marriage and family therapy. Perhaps this would be a good time to present a preliminary defi nition. Marriage and family therapy is a model of mental health treatment that takes a family perspective on emotional problems and psychopathology. It places individual pathology in a relational context and views treatment as encompassing the environment in which it is maintained-namely, the family. It is important to note that in more recent years, scholars have called for a more inclusive name for the fi eld, “couple and family therapy,” in an effort to more accurately refl ect the varying types of couple and family relationships that receive services from family therapists.