chapter  14
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The Missing Chapter of Empire: Postmodern Reorganization of Coloniality and Post-Fordist Capitalism

WithCAPITALISM Santiago Castro-Gómez

This paper starts with a sense of puzzlement about this question: Is there only one world or are there various possible worlds? I want to reformulate this question in the following way: is it possible to share a single world where many worlds are possible? Or to put it yet another way, is it possible to share a world where different ways of knowing that world can coexist and complement each other? A world where epistemological plurality can be recognized and valued? Unfortunately, my answer to these questions would have to be a ‘provisional no’ because to this day, at least for the last 500 years, it has not been possible to recognize the epistemological plurality of the world. On the contrary, a single way of knowing the world, the scientific-technical rationality of the Occident, has been postulated as the only valid episteme, that is to say the only episteme capable of generating real knowledge about nature, the economy, society, morality and people’s happiness. All other ways of knowing the world have been relegated to the sphere of doxa , as if they were a part of modern science’s past, and are even considered an ‘epistomelogical obstacle’ to attaining the certainty of knowledge.