chapter  6
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Climate change and the ecological intelligence of Confucius

ByShih-yu Kuo

Environmental problems have steadily grown worse in recent decades and are now becoming

systemic. Human-made climate change is symptomatic of this transformation from localized

damage to global degradation. Climate change threatens to become the most serious environ-

mental issue of this century. When we consider its causes, research is unanimous: we are too

many and we want too much. We sacrifice nature for a more comfortable life. Can we change

this? Is it possible to see ourselves and nature from another point of view? What would charac-

terize a world in which can live a comfortable life, but also preserve the natural environment and

sustain the Earth system? By a ‘comfortable life’, I mean a life that will not be looked back on

with regret. What kind of ecological intelligence is needed to handle environmental problems,

deal with climate change and maintain a habitable world?