chapter  8
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Justice, negative GHIs, and the consumption of farmed animal products

ByJan Deckers

Elsewhere, I introduced the ‘Global Health Impact’ (GHI) concept as a unit of measurement that

evaluates the effects of human actions on human and nonhuman health (Deckers 2010b, 2011b).

I also argued that the total negative GHIs of our present generation jeopardise unjustifiably the

right to health protection that should be possessed by all human beings, including those who will

belong to future generations. Consequently, I argued that our present generation is under a moral

obligation to limit its negative GHIs and that this obligation must be borne primarily by those

who exceed their fair share of negative GHIs. In this article, this incomplete theory of human

justice is used to evaluate which duties might follow from an ethical evaluation of the human

health costs and benefits associated with the consumption of farmed animal products.