chapter  5
Apollonians and Dionysians: The Role of Football in Gilberto Freyre’s Vision of Brazilian People
ByTiago Maranhão
Pages 14

In the early twentieth century, the Brazilian dominant class found itself facing the dilemma of a huge contingent of black people who were politically emancipated but socially subaltern. In the first two decades, there were moments of institutional and social disruption in Brazil, marked by exponents of an ethic posture seeking the return to the ‘white’ colour which should be achieved by stimulating European immigration and forsaking the ‘dark’ contingent of the population. For some thinkers, Brazil should be ‘purified’ of its Afro-Amerindian cultural heritage which was supposed to succumb, together with its representatives, in view of the European civilization vigour. This translated the quest for what ‘the Brazilian people’ should be like.