chapter  11
‘Not For Sale’? The Destruction and Reformation of Football Communities in the Glazer Takeover of Manchester United
ByAdam Brown
Pages 22

It was around 5 p.m. on 29 June that the text message arrived at hundreds of mobile phones in Manchester: ‘Joel Glazer is at OT now – spotted arriving in blacked out car behind Gill and Edwards – get everyone down there as soon as possible.’ The message referred to the son of the new American tycoon owner of Manchester United who was paying his first, heavily guarded, visit to the Old Trafford ground, along with his two bothers. That he was accompanied by the despised former Chief Executive of the club, Martin Edwards, and the current incumbent, David Gill, who had previously publicly opposed the Glazer’s takeover, made it even more bitter for fans to take. Supporters had waged a sophisticated and vitriolic battle against the takeover for the previous 18 months: now was its denouement.