chapter  4
23 Pages

The Economic Role of National Tourism in China

WithKrishna B Ghimire, Zhou Li

The economic significance of international tourism in China is widely recognized. What is less known is the role and extent of domestic tourism, which is substantial and rapidly growing. The present chapter focuses on this aspect. It is based mainly on the available secondary sources, together with the experience of authors who have visited a few tourist destinations. The chapter is divided into six parts. Part one presents an overview of the development of domestic tourism since the reforms; some insights relating to the social backgrounds and interests of domestic tourists are provided in part two, followed by an evaluation of the government’s domestic tourism policy in part three. Parts four and five deal, respectively, with the economic impact of domestic tourism at the regional and local levels and a number of problems arising from the rapid growth of domestic tourism. Further reflection and research in this field are required, as discussed in the concluding remarks in part six.