chapter  5
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Domestic Tourism in Thailand: Supply and Demand

WithMingsarn Kaosa-ard, David Bezic and Suzanne White

The kingdom of Thailand possesses a physical and ethnic richness that has led to its establishment among the world’s major tourist destinations. A variety of historical, cultural and natural endowments serve to propel Thailand’s illustrated tourist appeal. Its location at the crossroads between East and West has produced a unique heritage that combines elements of ancient Indian, Chinese and Cambodian cultures with features of the Khmer kingdoms. Thailand also includes diverse natural attractions that provide international and domestic tourists with scuba-diving areas, sun and sand recreation and mountain excursions. Thailand’s 70 national parks provide outdoor enthusiasts with an opportunity to experience the country’s flora and fauna in a natural environment. The parks also serve as a popular get-away destination for Thai urbandwellers looking to escape temporarily the crowds and pollution of the city.