chapter  24
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Food and Entertainment


Food entertains our palates, eyes, and ears from all corners in the twenty-first century. The names and faces of celebrity chefs adorn screens, restaurants, and food products on grocery shelves. Countless new cookbooks are published yearly, while classic publications like Joy of Cooking enjoy regular revisions. Food blogs number in the thousands, and sharing recipes and other food experiences are among the fastest growing social media activities. Food-related podcasts flood the virtual airwaves. Of course not all food media are intended exclusively for our diversion, particularly when it comes to public discourses around health and longevity. This indeed follows a historical trajectory in which education – both in terms of cooking skills and advice about how and what to eat – is often closely related to the virtual space of food and entertainment. Culinary instruction, in other words, has played a key role in generating the vast industry that now supplies food-related media for our entertainment.