chapter  3
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Mass Media as a Macrolevel Source of Social Control: A New Direction in the Community Structure Model

WithMasahiro Yamamoto

A community structure approach to the study of mass media is rooted in the structural model of mass media originally formulated by the Minnesota team of Tichenor, Donohue, and Olien (Donohue, Tichenor, & Olien, 1973; Tichenor, Donohue, & Olien, 1973). To understand the role of mass media in society, this approach examines social mechanisms that influence the distribution of information and its social control implications, particularly regarding the stability of a social system that revolves around the

center of power. Since the formulation of the original structural model, the community structure literature has grown tremendously, with several major advancements (e.g., Demers, 1996; Dunwoody & Griffin, 1999; Hindman, 1996; Hindman, Littlefield, Preston, & Neumann, 1999; Pollock, 2007).