chapter  9
Nutrition for endurance sports: Marathon, triathlon, and road cycling
ByAsker E. Jeukendrup
Pages 10

Endurance sports are becoming increasingly popular

and more people are running half marathons,

marathons, ultramarathons, half Ironmans, and even

Ironman competitions, lasting anywhere between 2 h

and 17 h. Many events are organized to encourage

people to take up endurance sports and events of

30 min to 2 h, which are more manageable for the

novice athlete, are also rapidly increasing in popu-

larity. For the purpose of this review, endurance

or more as defined in the PASSCLAIM document

(Saris et al., 2003). PASSCLAIM was an initiative of

the European Commission with the aim to develop a

set of methods and procedures for assessing the

scientific support for function-enhancing and health-

related claims for foods and food components.