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The first Consensus Conference on Nutrition in

Sport of the Medical Commission of the Interna-

tional Olympic committee was held in 1991 to review

the evidence on the role of nutrition in supporting

athletic performance and protecting the health of the

athlete. This resulted in the preparation of a short

consensus statement, a series of scientific papers

published in the Journal of Sports Sciences and a

booklet that was aimed at providing a summary of

the practical information for athletes, coaches and

other support staff. In 2003, a further Consensus

Conference was held to update the information, and

again the scientific papers were published as a special

issue of the Journal of Sports Sciences. In addition to

updating the published materials, this conference

was captured in an audiovisual format that was made

available on CD. The CD of the conference has been

distributed widely and is still used as an effective

teaching aid around the world. The Nutrition for

Athletes booklet was completely revised and updated

for the Games of 2004 in Athens and again for the

Games of 2008 in Beijing. Further revisions were

produced for the Winter Games of 2006 in Torino

and 2010 in Vancouver, the Youth Olympic Games

of 2010 in Singapore and the Commonwealth

Games of 2010 in Delhi. Each of these booklets

included information relevant to the specific compe-

titive environment. In each case, every participant at

these Games and all team officials were provided

with a copy of the booklet.