chapter  6
Self-Reports of Substance Abusers: The Impact of Social Desirability on Social Network Variables
ByDavid R. Groh, Joseph R. Ferrari, Leonard A. Jason
Pages 11

For individuals in substance abuse recovery, contextual characteristics of the social environment such as social network characteristics may affect treatment acceptance and provide resources that influence posttreatment

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It may be important to distinguish between general social support and alcohol-or drug-specific support (Longabaugh & Beattie, 1986). General social support is defined as support for the recipient’s overall well-being (Cohen et al., 2000; Cohen & Wills, 1985). Measures of general support often combine structural aspects (e.g., the number of people in a network) with functional aspects (e.g., the meaningfulness of that support) to obtain a global assessment of network social support. Specific social support, in contrast, may be directly tied to certain functions such as alcohol or illicit drug use (Longabaugh & Beattie). This specific support has either a positive or negative impact on recovery, depending on whether the relationships provide encouragement for abstinence or reduced use (i.e., specific support for abstinence) or encouragement for drinking (i.e., specific support for alcohol or drug use; Falkin & Strauss, 2003).