chapter  11
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Departure from Cover

Park 626; Gairdner v Senhouse (1810) 3 Taunt 16; Rankin v Reeve (1814) 2 Park 627. Cf Bragg v Anderson (1812) 4 Taunt 229; Lambert v Liddiard (1814) 5 Taunt 480; Metcalfe v Parry (1814) 4 Camp 123; Barclay v Stirling (1816) 5 M & S 6. Given the fact that clear words should prevail, the normally wide terms in which liberty clauses have been cast (particularly when employing the word ‘‘whatsoever’’) and the fact that these later cases are more indulgent towards the assured, the statutory rule of construction may appear rather restrictive. It is, however, consistent with the modern approach to construction of such clauses.