chapter  12
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Varying Cover

Eurysthenes) [1977] QB 49, 64H-65A, per Lord Denning MR. 3. See, eg, Hyderabad (Deccan) Co v Willoughby [1899] 1 QB 530, 535; Mentz, Decker & Co v Maritime

termination of the contract of carriage or of transit, ‘‘then this insurance shall also terminate unless prompt notice is given to the Insurers and continuation of cover is requested when this insurance shall remain in force, subject to an additional premium if required by the Insurers’’.5 A more conventional type of clause is one that contemplates cover ceasing but enables the assured to resuscitate it on compliance with certain conditions. However, although there may be a distinction between a clause under which cover continues and one under which it revives, in practice both types of clause appear to operate in similar fashion. So, for convenience, and given the nature of such clauses, it seems appropriate to refer to them in this book generally as extension clauses.