chapter  4
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Insurances on Freight

The clause added in lines 49-53 is similar to the Detainment clause 3 in the Institute War and Strikes Clauses Hulls-Time 1/11/95 limiting to a continuous period of 12 months the time for which the assured is deemed to have been deprived of the use of the vessel. Commentary on this is made on pages 361-363. The words ‘‘even though the condemnation has not occurred’’ added in brackets do not appear in the Institute War and Strikes Clauses. Lines 54-56 clarify the meaning of ‘‘restraint’’, and in lines 57-59 it is ‘‘warranted not to abandon in case of capture, seizure, arrest, restraint, detention, confiscation or expropriation until after condemnation of the property insured, or in circumstances set forth at lines 49-56 after 12 months, whichever first occurs’’.