chapter  8
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Making the commercial personal: The authorial value of Jerry Bruckheimer Television

WithJerry Bruckheimer Television Tom Steward

In an interview for the American television magazine Emmy, executive producer of CSI:

Crime Scene Investigation (Jerry Bruckheimer, 2000-) Anthony Zuiker makes these


CSI director of photography Roy H. Wagner in an interview for specialist journal

American Cinematographer follows this point up by saying:

Zuiker and Wagner both make reference to how executive producer of CSI Jerry

Bruckheimer ordered the colour and brightness of the programme to be heightened in

post-production in order to capture the floating viewer traversing television flow.

Described in this way, Bruckheimer’s production function conforms to John Thornton

Caldwell’s understanding of executive producers in contemporary US television as

‘conceptual mythologies’ around which the brand distinction and publicity of a

programme is formulated: ‘Showcase producers are manufactured by production

companies and networks as banner-carriers . . . Amassing and flaunting producerly

distinction is one way for media corporations to cut through the televised clutter’ (1995,

15, 105).