chapter  1
ByStian Stensland
Pages 4

Angling is a popular recreational activity on every continent, and has thus received attention in the scientific literature (see e.g. Pitcher & Hollingworth, 2002; Aas, 2008). Most studies focus on estimates of the socio-economic value of different recreational fisheries and analysis of anglers’ behavior and preferences (for reviews see e.g. Navrud, 2001; Paulrud, 2004; Toivonen, Roth, Navrud, Gudbergsson, Appelblad, Bengtsson, et al. 2004). Olaussen’s (2007) game theoretic study on salmon policy, decision-making processes and free-riding among landowner with salmon fishing rights in mid-Norway is however one exception to this. There has been limited research focusing on angling from a tourism perspective (Borch, Policansky, & Aas, 2008), but some recent studies on angling tourism and fishing tourism entrepreneurs

in Finland, Sweden, and Norway have been published as national reports (Fiske & Aas, 2001; Fiskeriverket, 2008; Toivonen, 2008).