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Social Science Research Ethics

An Introduction
WithKeerty Nakray, Margaret Alston, Kerri Whittenbury

This introduction chapter presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of the book. The book contributes to growing debates in social science research ethics, specifically cross-cultural contexts in recent times. The book draws from the empirical knowledge created through intensive fieldwork and provides an account of ethical questions faced by the contributors, placing them in the context of contemporary debates surrounding the theory and practice of ethics. Transcending disciplinary boundaries, the book examines common difficulties faced by researchers undertaking challenging research across various countries. The chapters are thematically organized into five parts: feminist ethics: cross-cultural reflections and its implications for change; researching physical and sexual violence in nonacademic settings: a need for ethical protocols; human agency, reciprocity, participation and activism: meanings for social science research; emotions, conflict and dangerous fields: issues of safety and reflective research and social science education: training in ethics or ethical training and ethical publicizing.