chapter  9
20 Pages

“Rights, Relationship and Reciprocity”

Ethical Research Practice with Refugee Women from Burma in New Delhi, India
WithJan Breckenridge, Kerrie James, Paula Jops

This chapter focuses on three concepts that arguably underpin all research with vulnerable groups, regardless of the chosen methodology namely rights, relationship and reciprocity. It discusses two case studies which focus on asylum seekers and refugees from Burma, mostly, but not exclusively, those from Chin State in the North West of Burma who are now living in New Delhi. The case studies are either a part of the work of the Centre for Refugee Research (CRR) at the University of New South Wales, (UNSW), Australia or were influenced by it. Case study 1 illustrates the management of ethical dilemmas and concerns that may emerge in relation to the intersections of community engagement and research. Case study 2 is a current doctoral research project exploring how urban refugee women manage risk and how coping and livelihood strategies can be strengthened.