chapter  2
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Gender and HIV/AIDS in India

Critical Reflections on the Feminist Research Ethics of “Making an Impact”
WithKeerty Nakray

This chapter highlights that the process of impact making is embedded in power relations within institutions and the social location of the researcher undertaking a particular research project. The chapter is based on reflections emerging from in-depth interviews conducted with HIV-positive women in the Indian cities of Chennai, Mumbai, and New Delhi and the semirural Thane district. It is divided into four sections. First, the research maps out theoretical debates around Bourdieu's habitus and feminist research ethics and how feminists have tried to address the issue of making an impact. Secondly, it draws from in-depth interviews with women on their reasons for participating in the research. Thirdly, it addresses the question of making an impact from a feminist perspective, especially in a developing economy such as India where ethical protocols are less defined and less adhered to. The chapter concludes that feminist research is definitely about research that makes a difference to women.