chapter  4
17 Pages

The Ethics of Political Correctness

WithStina Powell, Seema Arora-Jonsson

In 2010, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) was granted funds to run a gender equality project by a governmental committee for gender equality in higher education. This chapter discusses the ethics and some of the implications of the political correctness in the university project both at the level of the university promoting the project and the project members working on it. It reflects on the unfolding of the project and the ethical judgments made by the participants about gender equality. The chapter examines the power of overarching understandings of gender equality in Sweden within the project and how that framed the ethics of the process that both provided opportunities to bring about change in existing routines but also closed off other spaces. The funding from the government provided the university with the opportunity to take an initiative for gender equality that would also be rewarded in the national setting.