chapter  8
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Ethical Issues in a Research on Mistreatment, Sexual Abuse and Rape of Children in Peru

WithOlga Bardales Mendoza

This chapter highlights the importance of ethical protocols in the development of research and policy on the sensitive issues related to the maltreatment, sexual abuse and rape of children. The chapter emphasizes the need to protect the rights of children through evidence-based research that follows scientifically established ethical protocols. It views child abuse as an explicit violation of the human rights of children as specified in various legal instruments internationally. The chapter highlights the specific principles of ethics that have been applied in the nationally conducted study by a leading research unit of the government of Peru. These include: (a) humanistic approach (b) risk assessment (c) concerns of privacy in terms of physical spaces of conducting interviews (d) confidentiality and anonymity (e) interviewer training and attitudes (f) informed consent of children (g) support for children and the research team.