chapter  3
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Room Acoustics 33

ByInsight: Daniel Porter

This chapter addresses strategies to effectively record roundtable-type discussions. The recording of interviews is an exercise in overcoming conditions that are not ideal, and so, the more knowledge people can bring to the job, and they will arrive at a surprisingly high-level, consistent product. The chapter discusses one-on-one interviews, with a handheld microphone, for audio-only recording. Video or film interviews are a bit different, and the fact that there is a camera rolling may change people's choice of equipment. Even if people are doing an audio-only recording, but someone else is doing the interviewing, people's equipment will probably change. One of the biggest challenges of recording roundtable discussions is the excessive amount of room sound that can be introduced into the recording as a result of having a number of open microphones recording at once. The color-coding system can carry over into many other recording situations and help people keep everything in the studio under control and running efficiently.