chapter  11
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Recording for Games and Animation

GAME VOICE RECORDING This section is not intended to be an overview of the entire game creation process, which is multifaceted and involves a large number of people and disciplines; there are many good books and other resources on the subject that you can easily find. I might point you to a brief, but highly detailed, discussion by veteran game audio professional Rich Carle, in his contribution to David Lewis Yewdall’s Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound (4th edition, 2012, by Focal Press, Waltham, MA). Recording dialogue for games and animation is a unique combination of production sound recording and the post-production process. Almost always, the voice is recorded in the studio, unlike motion picture audio. Because the voice is recorded in studio, a dead-quiet room, free of reflections, is a must for this type of work. Refer to a brief discussion of an alternative method later in this chapter, when I discuss the dialogue recording for the animated feature film Rango.