chapter  12
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Recording Interviews and Roundtable Discussions

Although not strictly voiceover recording, an area that we should explore and one that you may find yourself asked to do, is the recording of interviews and roundtable discussions. This is a skill that lies somewhere in the middle of studio voiceover recording and recording dialogue for film and video on location (known as “production recording” or “location recording”). Production recording is outside the scope of this book, and there are many fine sources of information on the subject; however, it is something that you may want to explore, as it gives you a new skill and another chance to become employable and have another income stream, which, after all, is what we all strive for. For recording interviews in the field, we often use the same equipment that is used for production recording and many of the same skills; therefore,

we will take a look at the gear and techniques that are essential to recording in the field.