chapter  14
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That’s a Wrap

One microphone, one actor, and one channel on the mixer. What could possibly be simpler or more straightforward? That’s the question that I started this book with, and by now we’ve seen that the act of recording a voiceover is anything but simple and straightforward. Recording sound is a technical field, and you have to know the technical aspects of your job-that’s expected of you by the producers, directors, and actors. After all, that’s why they hire you. But, as this book has shown, there’s more to it than just the technical aspects. I think that, if you concentrate solely on the technical issues, in the end you are a slave to that technology. I prefer to think that the technology is here to serve you, and is nothing more than a useful tool that helps you get to the place where you want to be with your creativity. I believe that you should strive to reach that point where the technology disappears and you no longer think about it; then and only then can you give full rein to your creative ideas