chapter  20
Peter van Inwagen The Hiddenness of God
Pages 13

I will begin by laying out an argument foryour consideration: If God existed, that would be a very important thing for us human beings to know. God, being omniscient would know that this would be an important thing for us to know, and, being morally perfect, he would act on this knowledge. He would act on it by providing us with indisputable evidence of his existence. St Paul recognized this when he in effect said (Rom. 2: 18-23) that the blasphemies of the pagans were without excuse because God had provided humanity with indisputable evidence of his existence-simply by placing humanity in a world in which, to quote a text we can be sure Paul approved of, the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork. But Paul was wrong to think we had such evidence. It’s quite obvious that we don’t have it and never have had it, for the unprejudiced know that the heavens are quite silent about the glory of God and that the firmament displays nothing of his handiwork. And, therefore, the absence of evidence for the existence of God should lead us to become atheists, and not merely agnostics.