chapter  5
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Motion tracking and analysis systems


Motion analysis and game analysis are major working fields of sport informatics. A key element of both fields is motion tracking. This chapter outlines the functionality and capabilities of state-of-the-art motion tracking methods and systems, and describes general analysis systems in these two areas. The topic embraces biomechanical operating principles including specific calibration and filter routines and available methods for the detection of kinematic parameters as well as the issues accuracy testing and time-motion analysis in game analysis.

Introduction The main topics of this chapter are motion tracking and analysis systems in the biomechanical setting and in game analysis, which are two major working fields of sports informatics. Therefore, the chapter is split into the sub-chapters motion analysis and game analysis. The first sub-chapter introduces motion tracking systems and the process of motion analysis for biomechanical analyses and thus includes the issues marker sets, calibration and data post-processing. The second sub-chapter describes the main types of systems used for game analysis and discusses player tracking routines in particular. The most essential functionalities and capabilities of game analysis systems are outlined. Thus, it is a basis for Chapter 7 ‘Game Analysis’, where this issue is discussed in more detail. Furthermore, the focus of this sub-chapter is on time-motion analysis, while Chapter 7 addresses all tactical analysis issues.