chapter  6
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Cracking the Dish

Micropolitical Possibilities for Bodies without Organs
WithDonald Livingston

Thinking philosophically about politics is a means towards becoming creative about transforming citizenship into a concept that serves the interests of people. Rather than a construction that preserves central power, citizenship needs to become detached from the State and pressed into service for the common good. A prescient thinker writing in the early part of the twentieth century, Mary Parker Follett, urged for the emergence of citizenship that nurtured governance that shared power with, not one that exerted power over people. In the spirit of Follett, Holland calls for a Nomad Citizenship that develops abilities and autonomous lines of flight that flourish outside of State control. Rather, the strategy is to produce philosophical thought experiments that facilitate other Bodies without Organs (BwO) to form an amalgamation of thoughts. Nomad Citizenship is a series of micropolitical actions that seek out fault lines found throughout all assemblages of power much like rupturing the cracks in a dish.