chapter  9
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Negotiating Learning and Practice in the First Year of Teaching
WithKathryn Strom

This chapter offers an alternate view of the complex relationship between learning pedagogical principles in initial teacher preparation and enacting them in the first year of teaching. It focuses on the Deleuzo-Guattarian construct of assemblage as a way to discuss teaching activity as an ongoing series of enactments produced by a complex constellation of bodies, forces, and elements working together, of which the teacher-and her learning from initial preparation-is only one part. The figuration of the rhizome is particularly well suited to the research of teaching as complex and contextually situated phenomena, a description that researchers today generally agree upon. the multiple elements of the teaching assemblage jointly contribute to the construction of teaching practice. Situational analysis has multiple affinities with rhizomatics and might even be considered a rhizoanalytic approach. Bruce and Mauro's construction of teaching practice involved three main processes: modifying pedagogical ideas in context, negotiating with students, self, and context, and developing notions of multiple teacher-selves.