chapter  4
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Learning the City by Experiences and Images: German Finance Managers’ Encounters in London and in Singapore


This chapter explores the emergence of a new variety of foreign technical experts working within the development and business community of Kathmandu, Nepal. Many who study international human resources management suggest that Western expatriates, particularly Americans, are provincial in their thinking and not adaptable to the demands of overseas living. Western expatriates appeared to have disappeared from the landscape, China was everywhere in 2012. Mr. Zhang bragged that his next project, after drilling a tunnel through the world's highest mountains, would be mining minerals on the Moon. The chapter focuses on a specific time, place and industry foreign technical experts in Kathmandu. In the details of changing human resources, security and employment practices that are imposed on transnational professionals, there have been changes that are pushing women out of elite transnational labor, not explicitly by discrimination but via the banality of best practices as well as the military networks that are facilitating more mobile professional jobs, in Nepal and elsewhere.