chapter  1
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Introduction: Local Lives, Work and Social Identities of Migrant Professionals in the City


This chapter outlines the lacuna in the existing academic discourse by focusing on the case of highly skilled workers arriving in Germany from Russia. It explores how the highly skilled Russians live and work around the research center of Jlich in western Germany. The chapter further explains how scientists reorganize their everyday life in the new location. It examines the lived experiences of the highly skilled Russian workers coming from urbanized Russian cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, or big cities such as Novosibirsk, by paying particular attention to the impact of their most recent residence. The chapter focuses on the continuous engagement of migrants in the locality and their interaction with it. It demonstrates how migrants reconfigure their professional choices according to opportunities in new destinations. The chapter also demonstrates how work-oriented, ambitious scientists eventually reconceptualize not only their migration trajectory but also their life preferences.