chapter  5
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Africa’s Unheralded Contributions to World Politics KUNIRUM OSIA

A clear emancipationist situation needs to be considered, both from the point of view of a policy that was orchestrated and controlled by the state and the pressure commanded by the enslaved, free, and freed Blacks, and also by the expansion of abolitionist movements. Interaction between individuals with different legal statutes is expanded in this situation, connected by family ties, kinship, affective, and community relationships, which ended up leaving us with complex and unusual situations. To achieve amorous conquests, even to legitimize matrimonial unions; and everything indicates that this occurred within an Afro-Brazilian conceptualization. Africans and Afro-Brazilians were typical figures in this sphere of activity and were frequently accompanied by their small children, who were tied to their backs, wrapped in a great variety of colored cloths. Seeking to explore this aspect further, led to extending our conceptual field of the "slave family" to "Black family".